snowflake moray eel tank mates

13 Dec snowflake moray eel tank mates

... Snowflake Moray Eel. It inhabits river estuaries and coastal areas, brackish conditions. Freshwater Fish Tank Types Of Worms And Freshwater Snowflake Moray Eel Tank Mates InStock yes Valid Offer! Moray Eel Tank Mates. Hey as some people know I have plans to pick up a yellowhead moray eel this Friday. Some hunt down any fish in the tank, others prefer frozen food and ignore living fish. These eels are hardy, which makes them easy to keep. You should first consider the tank size for the eel. According to Michael (1999) this eel is common in the tidal zones and has been observed slithering out of the water at ebb tide. Have an 8" snowflake moray eel, a 4 inch lemon peel angelfish, a 4 inch regal tang, and a 6-8 inch brittle starfish. They also need powerful filtration because they are He or she (still unknown) is fairly small (about 10 inches long). Because of its small stature, it can fit through holes that other species cannot.
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